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16 July 2016 @ 10:41 am
Season 9 Finale  
Okay, so I'm late finishing watching Season 9, life happened a LOT, and I've been catching up slowly by watching episodes of Murdoch Mysteries while doing dishes or cleaning, BUT I just finished the Season 9 finale and had to say Holy Flying Crap, just exactly how badass is Dr. Julia Ogden!

Coma? What coma? William is in danger! Julia pops up like toast, straps on her Old West Hawkeye gear and goes and rescues the hell out of him!! Not terribly realistic, but I don't really caaaare! *twirls* \o/

Eva Pearce though, WOW Eva Pearce was SO disturbing. I do love when characters/plots from the past turn up again (although a little more foreshadowing about them being stalked in earlier episodes would have been good, and seriously, the two of them having a cozy Sunday lie-in and talking about the future? I was literally saying 'oh crap someone's gonna die!' just before the knock at the door) but the scenes where she had William in the cabin were hard to watch. It was almost like it was a step beyond the usual tone of the show somehow? I was also dreading Julia would arrive in time to hear William 'playing along' with Eva's delusion, but really, even if she had heard what he said, Julia would know what William was doing and understand. Because she knows psychology and is also just that awesome.

And just all the other little things, like George and Brackenreid showing up at the hospital in civvies because they weren't on duty but got word and had to drop everything and get there immediately to be there for William and Julia! How fast do you think George got that car going to get them there so quick? And Miss James being there with Julia in the hospital, and Murdoch's EEG!

Anyway, I just had to bounce in and squee a little around this place about all that. ^-^

As for updates on the show itself, it's been renewed for Season 10, which will begin airing on CBC (and to be found in your usual locations) sometime in Fall 2016, no specific airdate yet.